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Dear sirI  I have opened an acupuncture clinic in Japan,From the desire of the world and I want to spread this my acupuncture techniques, we have to find a way of working abroad. there are abundant experience and knowledge also in the acupuncture of a Drug dependence, and there is also a medical treatment track record. 

Treatment of shallow fascia and deep fascia by acupuncture

Relationship of the withdrawal symptoms and psoas muscle deeply, is also reduced with the withdrawal symptoms loosen the stiffness of psoas major

Acupuncture Detoxification  Laser surgery  

In my acupuncture clinic, patients that are not expected to improve in Western medicine will come to visit a large number. As the efforts of drug addiction (psychotropic drugs and narcotics), based original poison detox therapy and withdrawal of relaxation, release, etc. of the fascia pain and stiffness, the acupuncture treatment to demonstrate the oriental medical self-healing power to to have.

In the scientific validation of acupuncture, we have been confirmed the effect of increasing more than three times the production of (beta-endorphins dopamine serotonin) in the body.

And ear acupuncture therapy has been established for drug dependence from 30 years ago in the United States

I also participated in the seminar of NADA (please refer to the documentation), I have been made the treatment plus the traditional acupuncture and the NADA treatment.

Acupuncture for the treatment of drug addiction.

Acupuncture is a 35-year career history

Acupuncture is a 35-year career history. Treatment of medical conditions are good, the therapeutic effect is confident from the experience of practice, such as injuries. Sporting arthritis. Autonomic ataxia. Spinal stenosis. Lumbago. Sciatica. The Japanese have a habit of acupuncture from ancient times also. I think I can contribute to the acquisition of Japanese patients.

I have the treatment and the provision of know-how and manufacturing of laser acupuncture machine from 20 years ago.


Recently, we have developed a method of meridian therapy can be performed easily in data analysis is also performed in the PC system NAS Meridian Therapy formula also.


I believe that I can support the clinic by the technique and treatment experience like this.

Now that you have attached a resume if you are interested, please visit


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Hidetoshi Nasu


Email soulbossa7@gmail.com


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Evidence of acupuncture 

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar Report

Acupuncture for Pain Management Gains Support with Physicians and Patients


Ravinder Mamtani, MD
Professor of Public Health 

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar






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