Name              Hidetoshi Nasu  LAc

Date of Birth:     2.20.1959   JAPAN



1977-1980  Chuwa Medical Professional College



1980  Acupuncturist and Moxibustion license qualification

1992  Living in harmony Research Practice Instructor qualification

1994  Irie FT Acupuncture skill School Completion

1998  NFSH Healing Development Courses Part1&2 completed

2002  Care manager NO 2-0817(Aichi Prefecture)

2013  YNSA  registering qualified trainer

2014  NADA registering  member


Experience:   This year marks the 18th year it opened a clinic

1995-2004  Nagoyashi aichiken japan  Prism  Acupunc  Clinic

2004-2014  Isigakishi  okinawaken  japan Prism  Acupunc  Clinic



1995 Clinic opened .80,000 patient visits for several Acupuncture                                  

is a 35-year career history. Treatment of medical conditions are good,

the therapeutic effect is confident from the experience of practice, such

as injuries. Sporting arthritis. Autonomic ataxia. Spinal stenosis.

Lumbago. Sciatica. The Japanese have a habit of acupuncture from

ancient times also. I think I can contribute to the acquisition of   Japanese patients.1984-1995 Other work in clinic To develop skills and therapeutic 

1980-1983  Fukami Central Hospital (Aichi Prefecture itushikimachi)

Acupuncture Oriental Medicine Division 


publishing         2011   NAS method Acupuncture 

Address:           1021-1 hisatomi tiligoshi fukuokaken japan 833-0056

Phone:              81 05036993369



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