Photon Sound Beam technology is on the cutting edge of modern vibrational energy medicine and it has been around since the 1980s. It is based on the collaborated efforts and works of many great scientists in energy medicine before pharmacology took a hold as the accepted standard in modern medicine. Such scientists that contributed to the basis of the Photon Sound Beam devices include;

  • Nikola Tesla
  • Royal Raymond Rife
  • Georges Lakhovsky
  • Albert Abrams
  • Ed Skilling
  • Robert Beck
  • Hulda Clark

The History of Nikola Tesla's Violet Ray MachineElectrotherapy and its Suppression by the FDA

In 1893 Nikola Tesla presented at the Colombian Exhibition in Chicago his invention the alternating current generator which we still use today to send electricity over long distances. At the same exhibition, he presented another of his inventions, the Violet Ray Machine. The Violet Ray Machine used a Tesla coil which generated a certain form of energy which in turn stimulated or facilitated the movement of energy through the body. While many of us consider ourselves as a complex chemical organism, electromagnetism is perhaps more important although less acknowledged aspect of the human body. Nonetheless, the violet ray machines were very popular and were used even as late as the 1950's. There decline was due to a high demand for radio transmitters in world war 2 and the electronics factories producing them stopped doing do. They were also stopped in the 1940s by numerous law suits from the FDA despite many respected doctors and physicians writing books on and supporting the devices. The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) did not support electrotherapy which was competitive to their industry, and statistically unsupported claims quelled the device.

Lakhovsky Multiple Wave OscillatorAnother technology that was considered competitive to the FDA in the earlier part of the twentieth century was the work of Georges Lakhovsky. Georges worked on the assumption that all living cells emit and receive electromagnetic radiations at their own high frequencies. In 1925 Lakhovsky wrote a Radio News Magazine article entitled "Curing Cancer With Ultra Radio Frequencies." Another researcher Royal Raymond Rife was able to microscopically validated the detrimental effects of RF-carried frequencies on cancer cells. With assistance from D'Arsonval, Georges Lakhovsky in 1934 patented the Multiple Wave Oscillator, that Lakhovsky claimed would revitalize and strengthen the health of cells. The patient would sit between 2 large discs, and they would broadcast a plethora of specific frequencies through the human body. The cells would pick up the healing frequency specific to that cell. For instance, the liver has a frequency which differs from the kidneys, and the oscillator emitted all frequencies specific to each of the organs. Later on in his research, Lakhovsky discovered a frequency which he labeled the mother of all frequencies, as it was universal to all life forms, as were the huge number of harmonics that were associated with this frequency. The frequency he discovered is 728 Hz. All life forms on earth including plants and animals resonate with this frequency. So through transmitting the one frequency, he was able to get the same effect as transmitting all of the frequencies associated with his multiple wave oscillator. In time, the FDA suppressed his technologies which were competitive to the modern pharmaceutical approach to medicine.

The Emergence of the Photon Beam Device

As time progressed throughout the twentieth century, other researchers also discovered the 728 Hz frequency in their work. Another researcher that understood Edward Skillingelectrotherapy and the electromagnetic principles of the human body was Ed Skilling. Ed retired as an engineer and in 1983 he formed the Edward Skilling Corporation. The very first thing that he did was build the photon sound beam. This was a simple device that was based around Tesla's Violet Ray machine, but it also incorporated the 728 Hz frequency discovered by Lakhovsky. Many of the photon beam devices were sold and anecdotally they were proven to be effective on a case by case basis. The company was taken over by Skilling's children, but eventually the FDA stepped in and shut down the Edward Skilling Corporation due to claims made by the company.

Photon Sound Beam XII

Photon Sound Beam XII is similar in design to the original Photon Sound Beam developed by Ed Skilling, but it is far more evolved. Originally developed in 1994, it has gone through many improvements and version XII is only the latest release. Photon Sound Beam XII and Photon Sound Beam Infinity are made one by one by hand, and they are made by only the one company who make no claims regarding the machines. It advances the concepts of Tesla, Rife, Abrams, Lakhovsky and more recently, Ed Skilling, Robert Beck and others. This Plasma Electrical Instrument combines advanced Lymph Technology with full-spectrum frequency Rife, Lakhovsky and Hulda Clark Technology, and utilizes the principles of bio-availability, Sacred Geometry, holistic/harmonic Wave-Forms, and modern circuitry design.

The Photon Sound Beam is used for;

  • Stimulating and strengthening the immune system
  • Reducing and eliminating pain
  • Eliminating pathogens and parasites
  • Oxygenation and deep tissue cleansing
  • Eliminating blockage and barrier issues by re-polarization of cells and molecules; separating bound cells, dissolving lumps, clots, mineral deposits, etc. by Electrical Disassociation
  • Opening up physical and energetic channels by moving body fluids (blood, lymph, cerebral/spinal fluid)
  • Re-establishing normal cellular frequency and cellular energy states (polarity)
  • Neutralizing negative thought forms/stagnant energy
  • Increasing energy levels and a clear sense of wellness
  • Recharging life-force energy and facilitating higher states of consciousness
  • Enhancing existing body work/therapy sessions
  • Full Veterinary Application: rapid, reliable life-saving results – a must for animal lovers
  • Cosmetic Applicators for facial toning and accelerating the toning and removal of cellulite when used in conjunction with body wraps
  • A wide range of holistic and allopathic applications especially when used in conjunction with a natural health program, preventatively and creatively for any issue or any dis-ease stage (non-symptom specific)

Important Medical Disclaimer

Note that we are not medical doctors, and that we are not making any medical claims for the Photon Sound Beam device. The Photon Sound Device is for experimental and research purposes only. No medical claims are expressed or implied. It is recommended that if you are sick or unhealthy in any way that you seek the services of a professional medical health practitioner. It is not recommended that you use this device without being supervised by a professional medical health care professional. Treatment on serious diseases such as cancers could lead to death of a patient without professional medical supervision.

The testimonials presented in this article are the submissions from clients who have used the Photon Sound Beam. All observations from all developers of this technology are based on anecdotal evidence, and are not supported by statistical blind placebo studies.

The Photon Sound Beam XIIThe Photon Sound Beam's life-nourishing photobiotic energy is effectively delivered by both an ionized Noble Gas Plasma-Electrical Energy Field and a high-harmonic, deeply penetrating Broadband Radio Frequency (Rf) Signal. The result is an effective delivery of a full spectrum of Light-and-Sound Frequencies to;

  1. re-establish the ideal frequency and energy state of each individual cell in the body
  2. devitalize the pathogens/parasites
  3. break-up blockage and barrier issues by electrical re-polarization and disassociation
  4. detoxify and oxygenate the entire body while moving the alimentary, circulatory, and lymphatic systems

The Radio Frequency Signal Transmitter

In the picture below, you will see a white box. This is plugged in to the Photon Sound Beam XII and is placed behind the shoulder blades while the patient is sitting upright during a therapy session. The transmitter delivers the selected frequency which is chosen using the right hand knob (each setting is referenced in the manual that comes with the unit). Setting 12 is a popular setting as it does a complete sweep through all of the frequencies, focusing on one frequency at a time. The field diameter of the transmitter has a diameter of around 100ft which can be detected using an FM radio and tuning it to 100 on the dial. This will show the range of the field effect by hearing it pulsing.

RF Sound ProbeThe RF Sound Probe emits two RF signals in Phi Ratio (a growth ratio ubiquitous in Nature) with 2 quartz crystal oscillators at about 700 milliwatts to penetrate the body with rich harmonics - with the RF Carriers and the frequencies which they carry.  These RF Carriers contain the same frequencies emitted by the RF-enhanced Electric Plasma Tubes is typically used synergistically at the same time, however one may use RF Sound Probe by itself especially for night time with close distance (1-3 ft) broadcasting.  This component has been vastly upgraded and uses a highly scalar braided, spring-shaped broadcast antenna to maximize its subtle energy and its overall holistic value.

Glass Electrodes

The glass electrodes are an improvement over the Tesla violet ray tubes discussed earlier. There are 2 of them, one that is sending and one that is grounding. One is straight (filled with Xenon, Argon and Krypton) and the other curved (filled with Argon). The glass electrodes are held, one in each hand, and through holding the tubes this creates a Glass ElectrodesGlass Electrodes barcircuit through your entire body. In the Photon Sound Beam XII, 2 electrical Tesla coils create a bipolar current that is sent by one glass electrode and picked up by the other. A Tesla coil is a low voltage high power radio frequency generator. The frequency signals are thereby fed into the glass tubes which contain a mixture of argon, krypton and xenon gas which are inert gases with special properties in themselves (see inert gas devices).

Glass Electrodes 2When the machine is switched on, you hear a sound coming from the 728Hz transmitter as the device pulses on and off. This sets up a wave motion in the body which has a driving effect on the body's lymphatic system which we will discuss later. The glass electrodes in fact glow a blue color, as a result of the excitation effect of the inert gas molecules from the 728Hz from the electrical current. The blue light is in fact a plasma. You can see this if you view the electrodes in the dark (see the photo to the right). With each pulse, billions of electrons are thrown off the surface of the glass electrodes and then they flow through the body which has a therapeutic effect upon the individual cells in our body.

The Effect of Modified Electrode Plasma Electrons on Cells

Electrode Plasma Electrons CellsTo explain this, lets look at the cell, its components and how it metabolizes. The cell is composed of an outer Plasma Membrane, and an inner gelatinous core which consists of sub-components such as mitochondria that are responsible for metabolizing energy.

Plasma MembraneThe Plasma Membrane is primarily negatively charged on one side and positively charged on the other side as shown in the diagram. This creates a potential difference similar to a battery. There are over 70 trillion cells in your body doing this and the charge on each healthy cell membrane is in fact creating a current of around 70mV. As we age or as depletion or disease occurs, we begin to lose the charge on the cell membrane, and in fact this charge decreases sometimes to as low as 20mV. As the charge on the cell membrane declines aging or more importantly degenerative diseases occur. Once cells lose their electrons, it loses its integrity and the cell starts to breakdown.

The Photon Sound Beam provides electrons to the cell membranes, raising the potential again to make a healthy cell.

Our physiology is primarily electrical in nature and secondarily physical.

It is well known that only Electrical Plasma Tubes – not Radiowave Plasma Tubes – can provide deep cellular disassociation of all blockages and barrier issues. This "Plasma-Electricity" deeply penetrates the body following its natural electrical circuitry. This bio-electricity however cannot travel along electrical wiring. It is airborne, electrostatic electricity and must be contained inside the ionized Noble Gas atmosphere of glass tubes applied directly to the body. Electric Plasma Tubes provide an excellent media for transmitting frequencies and they deeply cleanse the lymph, fluids and tissues. They also provide:

  1.  the elemental colors frequencies of the ionized Noble Gases (Xenon/Argon/Krypton)
  2. highly scalar Zero-point Subtle Energies. Some instruments such as the Photon Genie (retails for $2995) -- a single frequency knock-off of the '94 Prototype Photon Sound Beam -- use off-the-shelf painted glass applicators used in Neon signs which block the transmission. Read the article Comparison of Photon Genie to PhotonSoundBeam XII. Our Photon Sound Beam incorporates 3 Noble Gases in a specific proportion, for a pure transmission of the elemental colors of Xenon, Argon and Krypton and their exotic healing value. Noble Gases ionized in vacuum with biological levels of electricity is an ideal media to emit frequencies, subtle energy and photobiotic nourishment. It is the same media found in intergalactic space and it is the basis of the quantum value of our Photon Sound Beam PlasmaElectrical-RF Product Line.

PlasmaElectricity emitted from ELECTRICALLY-IONIZED Noble Gas glass tubes, automatically oxygenates and deeply cleanses the tissues and fluids of the body. It also profoundly prepares the physiology to accept the wholeness of any frequency delivered to the body – dramatically increasing bio-availability of any frequency.

The plasma-electricity emitted from Electrical Plasma Tubes is at biological levels of electrical current. It automatically dis-associates bound cells, bound protein and toxins while encouraging the flow of all the natural elimination channels in the body and deeply cleansing all the tissues and fluids. This cannot occur with either type of popular Rife Technologies used today: Rife Metal Rod Technology or Rife Broadcast Technology. Metal Rod output cannot effectively delivery frequencies because of the high skin impedance. Rife Broadcast instruments emit frequencies vulnerable to body accommodation and environmental EMF pollution. Neither instrument effectively provides any lymphatic drainage or enhanced cellular integration of frequencies found with the Photon Sound Beam. NOTE: Both types of Plasma Tube Output are included in our clinical Photon Sound Beam Infinity RF which also has the Lakhovsky RF Sound Probe attachment, Rife/Etc Frequency programming and an additional OxyGold Triple Gas Plasma Tube applicator.

The Secondary Effect of Plasma Infusion into the Body - Ozone

When the electrons are infused into the body, some of the oxygen in the red blood cells converts to ozone, which is natures greatest sanitizer and healer. Ozone is naturally formed by the waves lapping on the warm sand on the beach and is regarded as healthy and therapeutic.


Every cell in the body has receptors to the blue photonic light emitted by the glass electrons. Photons are the driving source of metabolism, whereas chemicals are only secondary stimulants and partners of light information in this dynamic. Therefore ordinary nutrition through substances, falls far short in meeting our demands for full energy/information directly from the Unified Field. The new Photon Sound Beam XII provides a full-spectrum of bio-available photon energy to meet the body’s essential need for direct, holistic nutrition.

Removal of Blood Clumping

Clumping Red Blood CellsIf we were to take a photo of our blood cells prior to using the Photon Sound Beam, we would most likely find that the cells are slightly sticky with some clumping which is a normal observation but it is not meant to be that way. Blood cells are supposed to be rounded, and separated from one another which is how they gain their efficiency. The blood cells clump as a result of negative charge being lost from the cell membranes, which results in them coming closer together as there is no charge for one cell to repel the other.

Just seconds after applying the Photon Sound Beam to anyone, we can re-examine their blood and the blood cells are plump rounded and separated allowing them to flow freely.

Tests before and after using the Photon Sound Beam device show that oxygen levels have increased 2-3x after applying the device.


All parasites are susceptible to the DC electrical charge, whereas healthy cells in the body are simply strengthened. The electricity from the device will kill off all varieties of parasites including;

  • Worms
  • Bacteria
  • Amoeba
  • Fungi
  • Candida


It is well known that all toxins in the body are positively charged. They are therefore attracted and attach themselves to the weakly negatively charged cell membranes. Through introducing a stronger negative charge to the cell membrane, the toxins will disassociate from the membrane, combine with an electron provided by the Photon Sound Beam which thereby creates a neutral molecule which is placed into solution for elimination.

Human BodyAnother thing to consider is that the body has 2 systems, a cardiovascular system that delivers blood throughout the body, and a lymphatic system which takes waste away. The vascular system has a pump, being the heart, whereas the lymphatic system does not have a pump, but relies on motion and exercising. The movement of the lymphatic system is essential in detoxifying the body, supporting the immune system, and maintaining “homeostasis”. Normally the lymph is pumped by the movement of our body’s electromagnetic field through that of the Earth’s electromagnetic field with exercise and activity. However, a clogged or sluggish lymphatic system prevents the body from circulating vital fluids and eliminating toxic wastes, and dulls the immune system response. Tissue and cellular stagnation/congestion makes us vulnerable to infections and disease. In order to be healthy, it is essential to keep the energy and fluids moving so that the body’s natural intelligence may operate in its full healing capacity. In addition, each cell must be enlivened with its own unique frequency resonance and ideal electrical energy state, and be fully connected to the life-force energy throughout the rest of the body. The problem is that when someone is very sick, they will not feel like exercising. The advantage to using the Photon Sound Beam is that as it pulses its energy through the body, it drives the lymphatic system assisting it to drain and eliminate toxins without the need for motion.

Photon Sound Beam XIIPhoton Sound Beam XII functionality;

  • Noble Gas Glass Applicators for Plasma-Electrical Disassociation (de-congestion) of bound protein, bound cells and congealed lymph – deep tissue/fluid cleansing and oxygenation – enhanced
  • Bio-availability of Frequencies for Ideal Cellular Resonance and Devitalizing Pathogens
  • Automatic Sequencing of 36 Frequencies – Rife, Universal Rife, and Brainwave
  • Broadband Radio-Frequency Broadcast Enhancement of Electric Plasma Tubes for Deeper Penetration and Parasite Cleansing
  • Dual Crystal-Oscillatory RF Sound Probe for intimate/effective, highly harmonic Rife/Lakhovsky Frequency Broadcast
  • New alternating "Bi-Phasic" Noble Gas Applicators – gentle, quiet and more penetrating
  • Individual Pulse and Pause Controls to match Heart and Breath Rates for Accelerated Regeneration
  • New Professional Appearance and Reliable Time-Tested Circuitry Design since 1994

The developers of the Photon Sound Beam XII state that "From our longtime personal experience and 100's of Photon Sound Beam users since 1994 -- this evolved combination of many technologies into one easy-to-use instrument -- out-performs any technology available today, including: Rife RF-Broadcast Instruments, Electric Rod/Pad Rife, RF Plasma Tube Technology, Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillators, any Light Therapy, or any other Rife/Lakhovsky/Lymphatic Drainage Instrument."

Features of the Photon Sound Beam XIIPhoton Sound Beam XII Features

  • User friendly – easy to use, with simple control features
  • Three Instruments in One: Noble Gas Plasma Tubes, RF Sound Probe, RF Enhancer
  • Compact Size: the console is 4" x 15" x 10", RF Sound Probe is 3/4" x 3" x 4", Glass Applicators - 11" length
  • Argon, Xenon, Krypton Noble Gas Applicators (L Shaped, Lolly Pop Shaped)
  • Auto Sequencing of 36 Frequencies: Rife, Brainwave, Mid Audio, Etc (1 - 10,000 Hz) - each frequency pulsed 5 times
  • 11 Preset Frequency Selections: Classical Rife Frequencies (1500 to 5000 Hz), Universal Rife Frequencies (600-900 Hz), Mid Audio, and Brain Wave (1-20 Hz)
  • Alternating Bi-Polar Glass Applicators using 2 Tesla Coils for deeper penetration with a softer, quieter sensation and no electrostatic shocking
  • Broadband RF Enhancer (2 Khz-1Mhz) for Glass Applicators for broadcasting at a distance and deep penetration of Parasite Frequencies
  • Dual Oscillatory RF Sound Probe (quartz-crystal Phi Ratio RF Carriers, 25 and 40 MHz) for gentle broadcasting of Rife, Alpha, Beta, Theta, Mid-Audio and other frequencies
  • Scalar Broadcast with RF Sound Probe Antenna having Sacred Geometry
  • Individual controls for Pulse and Pause duration to match heart and breath rates with Glass Applicators and/or the RF Sound Probe
  • Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator effects with Glass Applicators adding 1000's of secondary harmonically-rich Radio Frequencies
  • Delivers a bio-available, plasma-electricity at normal levels of biological current (approx 20 micro-amps) resulting in deep tissue oxygenation and electrical disassociation of bound protein, congested cells, lymph and all the fluids
  • External 220/110 v auto-convert transformer, 12 volt internal circuitry
  • OUTPUT: Glass Applicators: (@ est 20 micro amps) – 10-40 watts, 4-10KV RF Sound Probe: approx 700 milliwatts, 25 and 40 MHZ quartz crystal oscillators RF (radio frequency) Carriers in Phi Ratio
best seller Photon Sound Beam XII 

No Discount available Price: $2210.00


An Alternative Models to the Photon Sound Beam XII

The Photon Sound Beam XII is jam packed with features upgrades and is by far our most popular selling model. We do however have another more advanced model.

Photon Sound Beam Infinity

The Photon Sound Beam Infinity RF model ADDS the following features to the Photon Sound Beam XII;
  • Advanced frequency control with a 60 Frequency Programs
  • Radiowave Ionization of the Noble Gas Plasma Tubes
  • Complete Rife Frequency List
  • Additional glass Plasma Tube (Triple Gas OxyGold)
The Photon Sound Beam Infinity RF  ADDS a unique (RF) Radiowave Plasma Tube frequency penetration to the Electrical Plasma Tube cleansing and the RF Radiowave Sound Probe crystal oscillator technology found with the Photon Sound Beam XII.
  1. Using the  the Infinity RF's Radio Frequency Ionizer -- Rife Frequencies and other frequencies can better penetrate the tissues, fluids and cells of the body.
  2. Any uncomfortable detoxification response can be eliminated by also using the Infinity RF's Electrical Ionizer to disassociate bound protein and toxins while encouraging the flow the all the natural elimination channels.
  3. Then  the  Infinity RF's Radiowave Sound Probe can then provide Lakhovsky Technology with Phi Ratio Radiowave carriers via quartz-crystal oscillators to  support the healthy cells and to penetrate both on a subtle energy and gross physical level.
All 3 methods of delivery are effective ways to deliver and allow the body cells to "hold frequencies" while deeply cleansing the Tissues and Lymphatic System.
Photon Sound Beam XIIStimulating the movement of the lymphatic system by electrical fields is a well established and recognized therapy in Europe and Asia as an effective aid in detoxifying the body. However, until now this therapy has never been combined with full-spectrum frequency technology as was created by Royal Rife and Georges Lakhovsky in the early 20th Century. In addition, its use has been limited to clinical settings with expensive instruments at three times the cost.
Now the Photon Sound Beam Infinity RF provides a safe and easy-to-use Lymph/Rife/Lakhovsky/Clark Technology that effectively delivers a full-spectrum of bio-available frequencies, from sound and radiowave to light, with 3 different modalities -- Electrical Plasma-Tubes, RF Plasma-Tubes and the Crystal Oscillator RF Sound Probe.
It is available for any issue, for anyone at any level of wellness. Recent studies using live blood-cell analysis with “Dark Field Microscopy” have shown an 80% improvement in all health parameters from one 30 minutes session. The Photon Sound Beam Infinity is the result of decades of research and development and extensive upgrading since 1994. It excels in its comprehensive, full-sensory and effective delivery of energy and information. It is rapidly emerging as the leader in clinical and home-use Vibrational Energy Medicine today!
The Photon Sound Beam Infinity RF contains all the features of the Photon Sound Beam XII and ADDS a 60 frequency program capacity. It comes with 30 Pre-Set Programs and has an LCD Display, easy-to-use Keypad, 3 Glass Applicators, and a complete Rife (and other) Frequency Program List.
Photon Sound Beam Infinity - RF

Discount coupons cannot be applied to this product Price: $3310.00


Comparisons of the Available Photon Sound Beam Units

Features Photon Sound Beam XII best seller
Photon Sound Beam Infinity - RF
Personal or Clinic Use? Personal and Clinical Clinical
Frequency Selections 12 frequency settings (4 Universal Rife, 5 Classical Cancer/Antiviral, 2 Brainwave and a 36 frequency sweep) Unlimited single frequency selection
  Auto Sweep Setting Frequency sweep cycles from 0 to 5000 Hz. Yes
RF Sound Probe Included? Yes Yes
Preset Sessions No preset sessions 60 Presets
Up to 99 min. session time

YES + 60 memory slots.
Chain up to 20 frequencies in each custom program

Tesla Coils Dual Coils: Alternating Bi-Pasic polarity output from each glass probe applicator Dual Coils: alternating polarity output from each glass probe applicator
Pulse Rate Control syncs the output pulse rate to breathing or heart rate syncs the output pulse rate to breathing or heart rate

 Glass Electrodes

High Voltage Micro-
Current ionization
 Two glass electrodes

* Argon, Krypton, Xenon
* Argon only - L shape

Three glass electrodes

* Argon, Krypton, Xenon (x2)
* Argon only - L shape

RF Enhancer Setting
for Glass applicators

Plasma Electrical outputs and RF enhancement outputs, but lacking the 86Khz. RF carrier

Plasma Electrical outputs and RF enhancement outputs with special 86Khz. RF carrier signal
Includes both Radiowave Plasma Tube & Electrical PlasmaTube Output
Lakhovsky MWO
Yes - RF Harmonics into the tens of gigahertz Yes
Universal 110 / 220 v.
Power supply
Universal voltage transformer from wall outlet to 12 volt DC.  Tesla coil high voltage transformers in Photon Sound Beam units boost the voltage to ionize glass tubes Yes
Notes Includes 25 of the 25 upgrades to the original 1994 Photon Sound Beam Prototype
Electroherbalism Frequency List book included. Individual Pause/Pulse controls.

A comparison of the Photon Sound Beam and our competitor model the Photon Genie

The Photon Genie is a late 90's knock-off of our 94-97 Prototype Photon Sound Beam and has none of the 20 upgrades which were added in the Photon Sound Beam XII.

The Photon Genie is priced at over $3000 compared to the cheaper Photon Sound Beam XII.

  • The Genie has no pulse-rate control which is very important to avoid body accommodation and for enhancing regeneration in the body.
  • The Genie has the same "flat-pac" design found in the Prototype Photon Sound Beam. We have have vastly upgraded this component and call it the RF Sound Probe. The extra flat-pac attachment for the Genie is redundant and neither of its flat-pacs have the dual quartz-crystal oscillators (in Phi Ratio) as with our RF Sound Probe attachment. We have also improved the broadcast antenna with a highly scalar (subtle energy) antenna.
  • Finally, the glass portion of glass applicators of the Genie have been painted which blocks the natural ionization spectral colors of the Noble Gases inside the Plasma Tubes -- which provide essential "photo-biotic" healing. Note: the environment of the Plama Tubes is the same as in intergalactic space and is perhaps the "magic" of the Photon Sound Beam technology and its univesal value for individuals -- this media transmits the cleansing plasma-electricity and frequencies adds radionic and zero-point energies.

More Info

Photon Sound Beam XII Testimonials

Feedback star Hello! I'm sending you this email to let you know the great results I've been having with the Photon Sound Beam XII in in the first few weeks of use in my clinic. So far the results for pain, arthritis, herpes have been awesome. I have to thank you and congratulate you and your team for the great equipment an the contribution to medicine and health! Laura M., MD, Mexico City

Feedback star I am very happy with the results of my one treatment with the Photon Sound Beam! I had genital herpes for years and from August '93 through March '94, I had an outbreak each month, lasting from to two weeks. In March, I had my treatment. I haven't had an out break for the past four months! Thank you for the gift of better health! Diane B., Denver CO

Feedback star We have been treating 20 clients with Stage 4 conditions using the Photon Sound Beam using kinesiological testing to establish a common protocol. In just a few weeks time all of our clients are much better confirmed by a dramatic improvement in their blood values and viral count tests, and 4 have had complete remission. Michael T., Bridgeport CT

Feedback star The Photon Sound Beam XII has been vital to the recovery of one my clients suffering with brain tumors. With once a week treatments, she no longer suffers from paralysis in her arms and she remains in remission.. There are no more seizures and her eyes are normal and no longer severely discolored and distended. Joanne, Vancouver Canada

Feedback star I have been researching the benefits of the Photon Sound Beam in the medical clinic where I work. It performs much better than the Light Beam Generator and any other instruments I have compared it to -- including my Rife Instruments. Blood and Saliva tests confirm the remarkable success I have had in treating clients with Candida, Lyme Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Hepatitis C, and serious stage 3 and 4 conditions. I am very satisfied with this instrument! Ken B, Raleigh, NC

Feedback star Thank you so much for your machine. We put the RF Sound Probe attachment of Photon Sound Beam on our dog's baseball-sized tumor on his chest. After the session the seepage from the tumor stopped and within a few days the tumor is continuing to shrink in size. Charles M., San Diego, CA

Feedback star My kidney stones passed easily and effortlessly without pain in just a few days of using the Photon Sound Beam. Thankyou! It's an invaluable machine. Sonya B., Amherst MA

Feedback star This Photon Sound Beam machine is worth all the sacrifices I went through for so long to save the money to purchase it from you. I do Photon Sound Beam treatments every morning and BT -6 treatments every nite. I'm off Prozax and the Lithium kicker I was using for so long. A whole host of positive changes – accumulative and on going – is the only way to describe it! Michael M., Folsum CA

Feedback star I work in a clinic with 16 people, A few weeks ago everyone came down with a severe viral flu with symptoms of extreme nausea, diarrhea, high fever, and hallucinations. One person nearly died, and a child in our town did die room the virus. Everyone except me .... .I remained perfectly healthy even though I worked with them every day. I simply gave myself daily 30 minute treatments of the Photon Sound Beam and made some colloidal silver solution. When we had a lot of power outages, it was nice be able to use the 12 volt connection to my (deep cycle) Auto Battery .. .it the ultimate Y2K health solution! Alex S., Waldport OR

Feedback star Thanks so much for all your time. My mother is doing much better. After just two days, she is off her medications for the severe pain caused by the cancer and her energy is dramatically increased. I no longer need to help her to the toilet and she's up and about. I know that all the supplements you recommended with only add to the success ofthe Photon Sound Beam when they arrive. I am truly grateful to be able to help her in this way. Thank so very much! Chrisma S., Oxon, England

Feedback star Several weeks ago after visiting my father in the hospital, I was diagnosed with a viral condition of the brain. Before this I had never been sick except for a brain hemorrhage. I had been experiencing chronic fatigue, extreme dizziness and disorientation. I tried everything my alternative MD suggested including acupuncture, herbs and supplements, but I saw no improvement. After 2 weeks of daily use of the Photon Sound Beam , my energy returned back to normal and most of the symptoms had disappeared. My doctor was astounded how well I looked, and could not find any sign of the virus. I felt strong enough to return back to work. It's been a year now, and I have continued to feel better and better. The RF Sound Probe (attachment) has helped my wife's insomnia, and she got rid of her cold in record time. I let my father use the machine for his chronic gas, bloating, and constipation and stomach problems from a hiatal hernia. He was on six different medications and would not take any vitamins or supplements. I was surprised when after just two 30 minute sessions he was already feeling better, stopped complaining about his bloating and began to eat again. His doctor is even more surprised at how well he is doing. One of the most exciting aspects of the Photon Sound Beam is how quickly he benefits begin, and how quickly it works to bring the body into balance. The Photon Sound Beam has exceeded by expectations, and is a tool that will prove extremely useful as more drug resistant "supergerms" and viruses continue to show up. Max W., McLouth KS

Feedback star Just a short note to tell you about my experience with the Photon Sound Beam Technology. Within 3 to 4 minutes after I started to use the Photon Sound Beam machine I noticed a very definite shift in my body energy. I felt much better and more relaxed, but the most striking effect was the mental uplift I received. I almost immediately felt much clearer and more alert, with a lightness of both body and mind. After using the PBS machine for 1 ½ hrs. I felt better than I had in weeks. it relieved about 75% of the pain I had in my left leg and foot and I felt more alert and relaxed. I was very impressed, so much so I ordered a PBS machine of my own. Thanks so much for letting Merilyn and me know about this. Robert M., Tucson AZ

Feedback star I am a 42 year old white Australian male, now into my 18th year of being HIV. About 18 months ago my health was beginning to fail my C04 count was down to 18 (normal being 400-600) and my viral level was close to 60,000, a recipe for certain death. A close friend introduced me to a new system (or old as I now know) called a Photon Sound Beam, at this stage I was desperate and frightened at my failing health and was willing to give anything a go, so I started using this machine 4-5 times a week. The first effect was to stop the migraine headaches that have plagued me since the age of 11, that in itself a very positive start stopping a need for constant intervention with narcotic analgesia. Over the next 6 months my viral load counts for HIV started to drop and had halved in this time. My Doctor was stunned to say the least and had never seen results like this without drug intervention. My viral load is now 0 and I am now happy and healthy and now consider myself back to "normal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Robert S., Melbourne, Australia

Feedback star In January, I brought my dog to the vet where he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. I heard about this machine that balances the energy in the body and decided to give it a try. In just 8 treatments the tumor has shrunk by 50%. His appetite has increased and his energy level increased also. I am continuing treatment and the tumor is slowly shrinking even more. He was given to the end of June to live and has already exceeded that by 2 months. The progress is remarkable considering the diagnosis. Tim Woodall, Boulder CO

Feedback star Thank you so much for convincing me to try the Photo Sound Beam! After 3 weeks of struggling with an ear infection. I just about gave in to antibiotics. Instead, I tried the machine only twice for two short, painless periods and my symptoms completely left and it has been 3 months now. I am so happy that I was able to heal naturally with no unhealthy medicines. I know where to go next time I feel something coming on! Michelle J., Denver CO

Feedback star I was diagnosed with AIDS several months ago. I struggled into the clinic to try the Photon Sound Beam machine that the AIDS Grant has provided for us. After just one (session) my energy returned, I felt happy and the eyesight in my right eye has returned - it was diagnosed as a crystallized retina. Also, I no longer had to get my injections for pain. I get to use the machine twice a week, and after a few weeks my doctor has noticed a huge drop in my viral count. I feel better all the time. Kennie S., Melbourne, Australia

Feedback star The Photon Sound Beam is a cat rescuer and a wonderful veterinary tool! Cats are delicate, and when they get sick they can "go" really fast. Our "country warrior" (Arjuna) must have eaten a "bad" lizard or something, or distemper. He wouldn't move, was extremely lethargic and would not eat at all for 2 days. We had to eye dropper feed him. finally we remembered the Photon Sound Beam and put the Sound Probe part on him, directly and at a distance overnight. In the morning Arjuna was better but still looked close to dying. Still not moving, no energy, and very weak responses. So we decided to put all the electrodes on him and hold him down. Within 10 minutes he jolted down off is perch ad began eating dry cat food. He looked 100% better and jumped in my lap for some love. A few hours later we gave him another treatment and again jumped down and began crunching down on dry food after more than 2 days of eye dropper feeding him. It was like bringing him back from the dead! With each treatment he was progressively sharper and more balanced. In 2 days he was better than ever with his full personality back hunting out in the woods again! I know that if he had not been treated by the Photon Sound Beam he would have died. I'm thankful to know without my hesitation what to do when my animals get sick. Since then we've had 3 other life and death illnesses where the Photon Sound Beam has kept our cats from this side of death's doorway. One of them was diagnosed as probably having feline leukemia (due to his history of events) and after a few treatments he too was back in action and is much healthier than ever before. My sister's ferrets had pancreatic tumors (very common) and they're doing fine now because of the machine! This device is a must for animal lovers who want to be assured they have something dependable to keep their pets healthy. Kay V., Cornville, AZ

Feedback star After using the Photon Sound Beam Technology for about half an hour, I felt really relaxed and yet energized. On the drive home I felt great, and noticed that the non-positive thoughts that often come with a long drive just weren't there. This effect has lasted. I truly do believe that this Photon Sound Beam does dissolve non-positive thought forms! Also, I have had problems with constipation for many years, and travel always exacerbates the situation. And yet I found that when I returned home this problem did not come up. As a matter of fact, had three unusually large bowel movements within the next 12 hours! Thank you for sharing this technology! Merilyn M., Tucson AZ

Feedback star The Photon Sound Beam is absolutely amazing. I love it! I treat all my friends and they all get better from all sorts of health problems. I can't keep this one man away, he feels and is doing so much better from using the machine for his prostate problems. As soon as the Noble Gas Applicators are used, I “see” negative thought forms come out of the body like “cartoon character blurbs”. The RF Sound Probe (attachment) is the best part of the machine. I can "see" what it does for people's energy fields: it makes them so coherent, so beautiful! It's such a powerful super-coherent harmonizer for the body. John B., Syracuse, NY

Feedback star For the last ten years none of the doctors could help me with the complete lack of circulation and gangrene-like conditions in my leg. After two weeks of using the Photon Sound Beam the circulation has returned and for the first time in ten years, I can feel my pants on my legs. After a month, I no longer need to take my medications for diabetes and pain. My wife no longer has to take here usual 2 bottles of Tylenol a month for her pain. This is an amazing machine. Thank you so much! David F., Farmington NM

Feedback star In early August 1996 I had an ultrascan on my kidneys due to elevated blood pressure and a history of renal arterial stenosis (a narrowing of the renal artery) in my left kidney which was successfully operated on in 1984 - a major 5 hour operation and a 4 week stay in hospital. Needless to say I was upset to be told that a 50%-75% stenosis was now detected in the right renal artery and would need surgery. I was referred to the Austin Hospital. While I was waiting for the appointment, a friend suggested I try the Photon Sound Beam which a friend of hers had bought from America and had been using to treat a range of conditions and illnesses. This I did, and for the first 2 weeks I used "the machine" every day. During this time I also began a cleansing diet and regime as well as giving up smoking and drinking alcohol. By late August 1996, my appointment at the hospital was due and I had another ultrascan in the hospital this time. NO sign of stenosis was found despite checking and rechecking by radiologists and doctors. Copies of the previous test was also checked out and seemed to be accurate. Doctors and radiologists were amazed and could offer no explanation and told me that they would not expect lifestyle changes to remedy such a significant stenosis. Meanwhile, my blood pressure continued to drop until I no longer need hypertension medication. I continued to use "the machine" on a regular basis and have enjoy good health since. Bronwyn M., Austin TX

Feedback star April of '94 I weighed 102 Ibs. Fearful I was dying of metastiaized cancer I checked myself into University of Colorado Hospital for some tests. The tests all came back the way they were 1 year ago. The doctors were ready to start bone marrow transplant procedures. At this point I was willing to try anything when you mentioned the Photon Sound Beam (Photon Sound Beam) I started using it twice a week and since then I have had more energy, gained over 20 Ibs, and my anxiety and pain have decreased. I feel ready to return to my career: Teaching! Thank you so much!! Judy P., Denver CO

Feedback star I am writing this letter to share my experiences with the Photon Sound Beam machine. In December 1992, I was injured in a multi-car accident. The greatest impact came from a "T-Bone" hit to the driver's side door. This banged my left shoulder and left side of my head, causing a mild concussion and injuring much of the soft tissue in my shoulder and the left side of my neck. I also received a hit from the rear, causing whiplash injuries to my neck. I used your machine just to see if it would help with my pain. My experiences with it were very good. During the time I used the machine, I would feel rather drowsy, and nearly went to sleep a few times. It never caused me any pain. It caused a peculiar pulsing, tingling feeling at the time of use. Afterward, I would be tired and very thirsty, but the pain was gone. The first time I used it, the pain relief lasted several weeks. The second time I used it, the time of relief was much longer. It has been months since the third time and although I am still having occasional problems, they are not as severe. I think that after one or two more treatments I will be pain-free. I am very impressed with the effects of the machine. It seems to help with the healing process. Thank You for sharing it with me! Peggy S., Longmont CO


  • Have you had any succes in dealing with Lyme's Disease?

    Thursday, 19 June 2014
    We have had the best results with the PSB compared to other frequency technologies which do not have the deep tissue/fluid cleansing benefits. There have been several reports of success -- for example -- a dowser who had confirmed Lyme and used the PSB on his head where he said the pathogens were concentrated – after 15 min or so he paused and told the client that he could feel it leaving – the chronic fatigue and other symptoms were significantly alleviated and later reported that there was no trace of spirochete left.
    With nearly every case w/ Lyme, the chronic fatigue symptoms are usually alleviated in just a few days of treatment or immediately since plasma-electricity dis-associates all blockage and barrier issues even on the level of the cell by restoring ideal cellular battery and voltage.
    The elimination of the spirochete (as tricky as this pathogen is) is often reported after a few weeks or months depending upon the individuals lifestyle, diet, environment, etc.
    PSB purchase includes full holistic support programs and of course follow-up technical support.
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  • I am interested in knowing if there is a difference in outcomes of the hand held probes and foot plates versus the other option of application through the glass device?

    Sunday, 01 June 2014
    Instruments which use metal rod/plates must use a 5-600 milliwatt current rather the the approx. 20 watts with PlasmaTube electrical ouput. As Ed Skilling (creator of these metal rod units) said in the late 1980’s: there is an impedance problem with metal-to-skin contact which distorts the frequencies and their harmonics. Also, there is very little action on the lymphatic system with metal rod/plate instruments; it takes a low biological levels of microcurrent ot electrically dis-associate toxins and bound cells which have lost their normal electrical polarity from acid conditions in the body. Removing all the blockage and barrier issues -- and providing a quantum level of tissue/fluid cleansing -- is fundamental the the Electric Plasma Tubes in all Photon Sound Beam models. The PSB Infinity RF has an “RF Ionization” option of the PlasmaTubes without electrical output for deeply penetrating frequencies.
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  • What is the 3db bandwidth on these machines?

    Tuesday, 20 May 2014
    The PSB is a lymphatic drainage Rife Frequency instrument – it is not all about frequency and bandwidth refers to the range of frequencies. Rife Frequencies are mostly well above the 600 to 900 hz (mid-audio) range of Universal Rife Frequencies – in the Megahertz range. The dial settings go up to 10,000 hz on the PSB XII. The RF Sound Probe which comes with the PSB and usually used at the same time as the Noble Gas applicators uses Megahertz RF carriers in Phi ratio at 25 and 40 MHz. The ionization colors of course go in the Gigahertz range. So the answer is from 1 Hz to several Billion Hz not to mention the Scalar output in the subtle energy range by using a vacuum, electricity and Noble Gases with the broadcast environment of the glass Plasma Tubes used the the Photon Sound Beam.
    In addition it is the harmonic content of any frequency which makes it efficacious as Georges Lakhovsky proved the 1920’s in treating Cancer. In addition to the frequency harmonics from the Noble Gas applicators, the PSB’s RF Sound Probe is has the most harmonically-rich broadcast of any instrument available today.
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  • I understand the unit is built in USA. Will it operate in UK where our power supply is different?

    Tuesday, 20 May 2014
    The External Power Transformer that comes with the PSB cleans EMF and converts 220V OR 110V to 12 volts, making it suitable for any country worlwide. All that is required is to use a plug geometry adaptor appropriate to your country. You should be able to easily purchase an electrical plug “travel adaptor” from a hardware store locally in your country.
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  • Are we able to buy a travel case for the Photon Sound Beam?

    Monday, 19 May 2014
    We do not stock or sell travel cases for the PSB. If you would like a case that is suitable, we recommend that you order Platt Instrument Case #2207 from They are available for around $US160.
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  • The glass probes – how delicate are they? If you were to drop them would they break? If so are there replacements.

    Friday, 09 May 2014
    Glass applicators are made of Pyrex and we suggest being careful when working above a hard floor. They are not what we would call delicate. We have not broken an electrode in years of use and shipping, but it can happen. Replacement probes are available for $160 plus shipping.
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  • Is there any training required to use the Photon Sound Beam XII? Is there a manual or set of DVDs that comes with it?

    Thursday, 08 May 2014
    It comes with a 25 page instruction booklet with pictures and clear understanding of how to operate the 4 control knobs (Output Level, Pause, Pulse, Frequency Knobs, from left to right), followed by detailed application protocols, historical uses of frequencies, Vet application, etc. it is very easy to operate. Purchase includes technical support if required.
    We include a Quick Start Up guide as the 1st two pages to get users started .. and then once it is operating, the rest of the instructions can read. It also includes an Intro and Background of this type of technology.
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